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The lists of Deviations from I love , my Watchers , and my Awesome Senpais :3


TORI (Colored)
This is a colored version of Tori(Fem. version of Tord) which the original is by SO NA...?
Sadly, I lost the link of the original but if you know the link please kindly share for others to know :)

All rights to the owner.
●If you're the original artist and you wish to remove this , please note me and we could talk about it ♡☆♡

Anyways, have a ZippyHaPaPieYa day !! :glomp:
This RANGOLI was created for our Art subject and It just lacks color pens :(
You can check the result at the top right corner (86%)

I was sad that I don't have color pens to make it more vibrant and colorful x(
But nevermind about that , at least I tried to make a RANGOLI Art :/

I made this posted for our subject about Health :D
Hope you guys like it too :3

And also, there is a score at the top right corner which is written 98% !!
I'm very happy about it that this makes me cripple because of my hard work xD (Seriously I slept in 10 p.m. for this)

Anyways, sorry for my Rare Activity it was due of our Exam .
Hope after it , I could go back on posting new art :3

♡☆♡ Happy ZippyHaPaPieYa day! ☆♡☆
Tord (Portrait)
Since I was away, I find a channel which was called eddsworld. I liked the artstyles of it , so clean yet simple :)
After that, I came across a character named Tord which was part of the group until 2008 , he left .

But anyways , I like the show ! Even though it's not airing new "Eddisodes" now.

As always, have a ZippyHaPaPieYa day and ima get of my duties in school xD

Show: Eddsworld
Creator:Edd Gould (1988-2012)
embedded_item1508110246038 by Jezsaisie

Well now school is getting harder for me to handle :| (Blank Stare) 

             Hi Guys , it's me ! Jezsaisie back being active (for now though) and I just have to make a News for you guys that what am I doing in our Country here in Bohol (Philippines) . Instead of having expected for me to be Non-Active or being "DEAD" well not actually dead in a mean of Skull and Crossbones . Hahahah ! that would be ridiculous Giggle well kinda :| (Blank Stare).

             But anyways, the reason for me to do this is that I could share you guys information in our place or in short "NEWS" and  a reason that i'm not actually dead Dead (RIP) or something like that. I also like these kind of Deviations because I could enhance my "Writing Skills" which is kinda boring for people to read when there is a VERY- long paragraph.

             This I've shown you guys is the School that we study here in Bohol (Philippines) ! but this is just the part of the school not actually the whole school.The thing is that I had alot of School Projects in our School and it keeps in making more Homeworks , Test or Exams to study, and so on.There's this grouping that I could kick my butt for not doing it properly like right now I forgot to practice with my group and I forgot where to Practice Facepalm.  I want to do my DeviantArt session normally but the problems keep flooding back but In the near future I could get back to my Original Session ( I can't wait for the Seam-Break !) :happybounce:.

Here are the Llama Givers I will SHOUTOUT for this Journal 

La la la la Thank you guys for all of your Awesome support ! Handshake 

Heart (Please check them out , I know it will worth you time)Heart 

(I made a Bullet Color to examine that the Artist is a Bullet; BlueBoy or a Bullet; PinkGirl , If not any of those , I would just have it Bullet; YellowNone)

Bullet; PinkLannayah :iconlannayah:   Bullet; BlueCians-Sacred-Lair :iconcians-sacred-lair: 
 Bullet; Pink MoonArtDreams :iconmoonartdreams: 
Bullet; Pinkeffy7 :iconeffy7:   Bullet; YellowIridescentAdopt :iconiridescentadopt:  Bullet; Pink ElizabethChanel :iconelizabethchanel: 
Bullet; BlueTrauma-a :icontrauma-a: 
  Bullet; PinkNightskiies :iconnightskiies:  Bullet; PinklShooni :iconlshooni:
Bullet; PinkMohn-Fuchs :iconmohn-fuchs:   Bullet; Bluerustyfocus :iconrustyfocus:  Bullet; PinkIrbisty :iconirbisty: 
Bullet; BlueFarisato :iconfarisato:      Bullet; BlueMastoin :iconmastoin:       

                Those are all I could say for this Journal and I think just now skip my 3 previous paragraphs and proceed to this last paragraph .Sorry for having a long Journal Sad dummy (wish I could make it shorter next time). But as always I wish you all a Graceful and ZippyHaPaPieYa day ! :D Party Hug :glomp:  


Jezsaisie's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Hailo mga tao sa buong kalibutan ! :D
Ako si Niño pero pwede tawagin ko si Jezsaisie .
Aking sariling bansa ay mula sa Pilipinas. ;)
Nais kong matuto nang higit pa mula sa iba't ibang wika na nagsasalita tulad ng Ingles, Japan o Malaysian ngunit ako palaging makipag-usap sa ingles kaya ako isipin ako maaari maintindihan kung ano ang sinasabi mo
Salamat sa mga tawo nga misuporta kanako sukad sa adlaw nga ako miapil DeviantArt. gihigugma ko ang imong mga tukod ug ako magpadayon ug Pagpalambo sa akong mga kahanas alang kaninyo guys. ;) ;)

Hailo people all over the world! :D
I am Niño but you can call me Jezsaisie.
My own country is from the Philippines. ;)
I wanted to learn more from different languages ​​such as English speaking, Japanese or Malaysian but I always speak in English so I think I can understand what you say
Thank you for the people who supported me since the day I joined DeviantArt . I love your Supports and I will continue and Improve my skills for you guys. ;) ;)



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It's been a while since we talked TvT
Jezsaisie Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Student General Artist
HAAIIYYYAQ SARAH!! :D ☆♡☆ ... yeouch :|
Yeah , it's been a long time but I'm glad you're back! :D
BTW how's your day out there? :) :3

(Sorry for my late reply but anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :glomp: )
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aw, it's okay >;3

i've been busy with school and stuff lately, haha and it's fine. kinda cold but sunny

(Happy new year too ;;-;; )
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Well you're same as me , I have a lot of things I wanted to post in Deviant Art but School wants me to pull back from problems again x_X
You guys have cooling sunny there? While ours have a Scorching Sun that wants to melt us xD

And A Happy Hug for our New Year 2018 :3 ~\(≧▽≦)/~ :hug:
Try your best at School Puffed ;3 ♡☆♡☆♡
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Jezsaisie Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2017  Student General Artist
You're welcome very much OutlawNinja! :) ☆♡☆
(Sorry for my late reply :( )
IceTama Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yahh long time I didn't talk with you

sometimes im busy with my assignments xP, how r u? :3
Jezsaisie Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017  Student General Artist
It's a long time indeed my Friend and I'm also busy to do these Homeworks too :D XD

Well I'm fine , apparently I have some Sneeze and a Heavy shoulder which is kinda tiring for me to do work XoX

How about you Tama ?

(Sorry for my late Reply :( , pls forgive me ) :cry:
IceTama Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea, I had some fever and sneeze too T^T and it is so painful OoQ

But school holiday is starting a few weeks more so Im not so busy and I can starting to online =v=

(Dont worry, i dont care so much =www= )
Jezsaisie Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2017  Student General Artist
Wow , these diseases wanted us to get sick . But I don't wanna ;-; (It costs alot of Money to pay for a Treatment)

You guys have a Holiday in your Place ? Well that's cool :D ! We also have a holiday but it will start next week :) ☆♡☆

(Aww~~ thank you so much buddy :hug: :love: :heart: )
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